Stories about Starfalls. Continued every week..



It was a cold night in Starfalls the wind was blowing slowly across the streets. The lights were flickering and the night was dead silence. Then a soft whisper just floated through the streets as if it was light in the dark.It was a Aquamarine.She was walking down the streets with AquaGem.She passed the town and swam into the sea. The cool mist ran through her hair like the wind swimming in the air.It was quiet except the soft splashing of water. Then Aqua stopped.She saw an island and thought of resting there.She felt the soft sand and the cool breeze. It was great and pleasurable. Then she took a nap just next to AquaGem.They felt fast asleep and didn't know what was in for them the next day on Aurora Island...

                                                        To be continued for next week..


The morningair was a soft bed of mist.Aquamarine sat up and strangely found AquaGem missing.She saw quick footprints running to the water on the sand.Aqua touched the water and felt sudden chills running through her body.She knew AquaGem was been through here hiding and running from danger that she would leave Aquamarine behind. Aquamarine stood up and felt the barcing sea air, felt the warm sand,and the sun shining. Just then a sudden chill ran through her back.It just popped out of now where.Then she saw darkness fall across the sky. Her emotions changed quickly just as the atmoshere did. The air was cold.She splashed into the water and peddled for her life.She stopped and looked back and saw nothing but a gray fog and a red glare that warned her not to come back. It disappeared and she headed back to town.But that frightful chill didn't leave her soul alone...

                        To be continued next week..


She walked out and saw the town.She was horrified but then she stopped worring. No one was there.She was getting a bad feeling again.A fog rolled in and then she fainted.It was a acid cloud.She was slowly opening her eyes when she saw tall figures.She cleared up her eyes and saw it was Ruby and Emerald.She was more than happy to see them! But she had almost forgotten about AquaGem!!She said to Ruby and Emerald of what had happend.They were always on her side and decided to help.They took a boat and peddled out.The fog rolled in again but it wasn't acid clouds it was a chilly cold fear that ran up their backs like spiders.Ruby wanted to turn back but they couldn't see town.They had to keep on peddling.They had reached the island.Then a spark just flashed and their eyes just blanked out.They screamed and yelled.They can only see the darkness.Then they felt something tugging on them and drag them into the trees in the island.They heard noises but they kept quiet.They were very silent and then heard something boiling and bubbling.They heard cackling and evil laughter.They were put on a cold concrete floor and tied up.They still couldn't see anything.Then they fog came back..they felt it and fell asleep.They heard a distant cry of help from an animal but couldn't control the sleepiness they were going through. They fell to the ground until a huge splash of water hit them. It was the most horrifying sight they had ever seen..

                                         To be continued...