Music Rocks! 05/10/2008

Do you love music? You can just type a song you want to hear on this site then I might put it on! Example:

Name: Miley Cyrus                      

Song: Rockstar

Your Name: Alishah

What page: Starfalls Map

Try it out! Or just comment on the site




05/17/2008 11:35

I don't think you've updated your story lately, maybe that would get you more visitors!!!

05/17/2008 19:04

name- superchick
song- one girl revolution battle mix
your name- alex
wat page- ya me confused on this part

05/19/2008 19:39

hey alishah! thanx for tellin me wat the 'wat page' part meant. i think u should put my song on ur homepage, cuz thats where u got the whole 'this is me and my world' thing going on, which is kinda wat the song is about!!

05/27/2008 16:19

hi u commented on my web.thx. like ur web 2.

Sophie (Val)
06/05/2008 18:16

hello!! It's soph, from AJ's site, keep up the great stories!!

Sophie (Val)

06/08/2008 08:26

THX!!!!!! whats ur site again?

06/28/2008 22:57

LAUGHAC IS COMEDY everyone remember that

07/15/2008 09:52

artist name: vanessa hudgens

song name: sneakernight

ur name: aj

page: star falls map

GO 2
GO 2
GO 2
GO 2

12/30/2008 07:28

i was flippin through weebly websites and i found urs
checkk out my website
ps because u have no comments u have no friends looser

12/30/2008 07:30

hey ive been going through sites to blog thanks 4 having a blog cause some people don and i cant tell them 2 visit my website SO DO IT!!!!

12/30/2008 07:32

hey u dnt know me ive been going through many site so thanks 4 having a blog cause some sites dont and i need them 2 tell people to go on my site SO DO IT please


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